The 1st Tuanjie Lake Cup “Digital and Smart Chongqing: Empowering Global Industries” Innovation Competition

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Introduction: The 1st Tuanjie Lake Cup “Digital and Smart Chongqing: Empowering Global Industries” Innovation Competition will be co-hosted by the Chongqing Big Data Application and Development Administration and the People’s Government of Jiangjin District, Chongqing, with the theme of assisting industrial enterprises to reduce costs and improve the efficiency through visual AI. The Intelligent Algorithm session and the Application Innovation session will be held. The former one takes the data as the basis and the algorithm as the core to address the issue on smart quality control of bottled liquor (the implementation scenario is the production line of Jiangxiaobai, which has basically realized the automated production line but failed to solve the worldwide problem of liquor quality control); the latter one focuses on difficulties faced by enterprises and provides optimal production scheduling, intelligent warehousing and other directions for participants. The Competition has attracted 3,872 teams, and the achievements brought about by the competition have effectively improved the quality and efficiency of the bottled liquor production line, and provided enterprises in Jiangjin District with more solutions in optimal production scheduling, intelligent warehousing, and other fields, and will benefit more enterprises in the future.


December 2019-February 2020: Preliminary contest;

March 1: Semi-final;

A.M. September 16: Final of the session Application Innovation;

P.M. September 16: Discussion on achievements of the session Intelligent Algorithm;

A.M. September 17: Specialized Forum “Digital Intelligence Empowering High-quality Development of Consumer Industries”; the award ceremony.