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Online Exhibition, a Profile

The online exhibition of Smart China Expo Online 2020 will carry on the theme: “Smart Technology: Empowering Economy, Enriching Life”. It will shed light on the industrialization of digital industry and digitization of industries, display Chongqing’s outcome in building itself into a Renowned Smart City and a Smart Manufacturing Powerhouse, and present big data and smart technology in terms of its frontier products, cutting-edge technologies, new applications, and the latest outcome. With this exhibition, the high-quality development of digital economy will be accelerated.

Exhibitions are mainly conducted online, and the exhibition platform set on SCE official website will adopt virtual modeling technology. Six virtual exhibition zones, namely Chongqing Online, Smart Products, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Applications, Smart Technologies and Regional Cooperation, will be set up to display smart products, manufacturing, city, etc. Over 200 world-renown enterprises in big data and smart technology field, foreign countries, foreign sister cities, higher education institutions, and research institutions will be invited to elevate exchanges and cooperation across the board. Visualized, self-serviced exhibition setting-up is available for exhibitors. They can also set guided tours, virtual or real-person guides and narrators, interaction with 3D products, and data analysis, presenting the visitors with fascinating, immersive, and enjoyably experience.

In addition, offline exhibition halls themed a Renowned Smart City and a Smart Manufacturing Powerhouse will be set up to showcase the highlights and achievements of Chongqing’s smart development. Interactive and immersive scenarios will be presented by deploying modern multimedia and digital technology, so that the exhibition halls feature immersive experience, a feast for eyes, science and technology, and breakthroughs.

To date, there are about 481 exhibitors including Singapore, South Korea, Italy, Hubei Province of China, China Telecom, China Unicom, China Mobile, China Tower, CASIC, Kawasaki, Huawei, China Construction Bank (CCB), IBM, Chongqing University, Peking University Science Park, Alibaba, JD Group, Tsinghua Unigroup, Lenovo, Suning, and Baidu.