China Electronics (CEC) “i+” Modern Digital City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition 2020

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Introduction: The keywords "digital economy/digital China" have been written in the reports on the work of the government at the Two Sessions for four consecutive years. Chongqing, as the only municipality which reports directly to the central government in midwest China and a national central city, has actively responded to the central government's initiative. On April 26, 2020, Chongqing signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Electronics Corporation (hereinafter referred to as "CEC"), with the aim to focus on the construction of digital economy and modern digital city, and boost Chongqing to build both the “hardware” and the “software” of new infrastructure.

CEC takes the lead in cyber and information security across China. Since 2016, CEC has held three sessions of the "i+" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition that has become an influential innovation & entrepreneurship competition in China. To implement the cooperation of two parties, speed up to build a digital China featuring powerful cyber capability and smart society, and accelerate the matchmaking of resources such as technology, capital, talent, and information, CEC has worked together with the Chongqing Municipal People's Government to hold the fourth CEC "i+" Modern Digital City Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of independent inventions.


The Chongqing Competition will select 20 teams from participating teams across China, and the top 12 teams will be qualified for the onsite semi-finals while the remaining 8 teams will be each awarded a certificate of honor.

The semi-finals will adopt the form of a 6+4 roadshow, meaning that each team has 6 minutes for the roadshow presentation and 4 minutes for Q&A. Judges will score the project of each team on the spot, and the final ranking will depend on the scores.

July 9-17: online preliminary round;

September 16-17: semi-finals in Chongqing;

October (to be confirmed): the final round.