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Fresh Experience of Autonomous Driving During Smart China Expo 2019

Time:2020-08-15 Release:ichongqing

Chongqing – During the Smart China Expo 2019, i-VISTA Grand Challenge, the autonomous driving competition, was completed successfully. On the fourth day of Smart China Expo 2019, we, iChongqing, got an opportunity to experience the L-4 autonomous driving car and did a live stream about the autonomous driving experience at Xian Tao Big Data Valley Experience Center.

The technique is proven gradually, and there are five levels for smart cars – L-1 to L-5. Maybe you have heard about L0 of the car, but it’s not smart cars. An L-zero car is totally controlled by people without any smart functions.
The L-1 car is a little bit more than L0, which adds a single, smart function (such as parking assistance). The driver of L-1 cars cannot control the car without manipulation of hands and feet at the same time. For example, the L-1 car has functions of Autonomous Cruise Control System (ACC) or Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).



The line of people, who are waiting for the experience


For an L-2 car, it’s a semi-autonomous driving, which allows the drive to share control with the car. The driver can let the car control automatically under certain preset conditions, that is, the hands and feet leave the control at the same time, but still needs the driver to be on standby, responsible for driving safety. Meanwhile, the driver should be ready to take over the driving rights of the car in a short time.



The autonomous driving car which offers to the public to experience


The L-3 car is going to free the driver. Auto-driving can be completely responsible for the handling of the entire vehicle. However, in the event of an emergency, the driver still needs to take over the car at some point, with sufficient warning time. For example, when the vehicle is about to enter the road section (of a complicated or unpredictable situation), the driver needs to take over. However, the driver is no longer responsible for driving safety and does not have to monitor the road conditions.



The L-4 autonomous driving car from Chang’an Automobile


The L-4 car achieves the autonomous driving completely. The car only needs the information of the beginning and the ending, so it can be responsible for driving safety. It does not rely on driver intervention at all.



The public can also experience the self-driving tour vehicle


The level of L-5 is the highest of all levels. When the car reaches this level, it can automatically drive anywhere in any way. However, this ideal, fully automatic car does not seem to been produced yet.

Just watch the replay of our live stream of iChongqing on Facebook to experience the L-4 autonomous car in Chongqing!